Listing Creation

Adding new listings to Plum Guide

Plum Guide is a curated platform, we grade and vet all listings sent to us and will only accept listings that meet our quality standards.

  • All hosts can send us their listings using the POST Listing endpoint with all content data available to them
  • We will return a listing ID
  • That listing is temporarily stored in X database
  • The listing is then graded and if the listing passes our vetting process, we will move the listing to Y database with the same listing ID and with all the content originally sent to us
  • You should then be able to:
    1. View the listing in the GET Listing endpoint
    2. Send pricing and availability data to the listing using any of our pricing and availability endpoints

Adding existing listings that are on the Plum Guide.

All hosts have access to their credentials which consist of a Client ID and Client Secret (note these are different from credentials used to login to Each set of credentials gives access to all the Listings belonging to the host.

These credentials can then be entered into a Property Management System or Channel Manager to gain access to all the listings. Once credentials are entered typically a matching process will begin whereby the host will identify the Plum Guide Listing and match it against the property in their software.

We surface a number of data points to help the host with the matching process. However, it's up to the Property Management System or Channel Managers discretion on what information to surface on their software to aid in this process.