Lifecycle of a booking

Below is a diagram to illustrate the general lifecycle of a booking and how it shifts between statuses. Bookings are exclusively taken via the Plum Guide platform, we do not support the creation of bookings via the API.


Booking Status

We have the following booking statuses:

  • Requested - When a guest has paid for a booking on a Listing where instant book is turned off, a request is made to the host to accept or decline the booking.
  • Confirmed - When a booking has been paid for either by a instant book, or has been accepted by a host when a booking request has been made.
  • Declined - When a request for a booking has been declined by the host.
  • Cancelled - When a request for a booking is cancelled.

What is 'Instant Book'?

  • Plum Guide Listings are set to either ‘Instant Book’ or ‘Request to Book’.
  • This is set in the Plum Host dashboard (extranet).
  • A listing on Instant Book will automatically have calendar blocked and Booking Status move to ‘Confirmed’ upon a successful payment being taken.
  • Plum Guide API listings are only available on Instant Book. If this is an issue for your listings, please get in touch with us by email or over your dedicated Slack channel.

Can I get notified of booking status changes?

Yes, these can be found in the booking's endpoint here

Factors that affect bookings

  • Minimum nights stay - The minimum length of stay a guest must book a property. The minimum night's stay can be set and found on the listing endpoints here

Can I retrieve guest billing information?

  • No, Plum Guide is the merchant of record for all guest payments (we take all guest payments), so we do not share Guest billing details with Hosts.

How do I retrieve guest contact details?

Guest proxy email addresses are included in Bookings Endpoint here

We use proxy email addresses for property managers to communicate with guests.
This email address can be used through any email client / Property Management System system, and will also log the conversation in The Plum Guide Host dashboard.

Where can I retrieve bookings for a property manager?

You can get a list of all bookings for all listings which a property manager or host has on Plum Guide via the API in the Bookings endpoint.

Can I view what the expected Host Payout will be in the API?

You can view ''host payout'' in the booking endpoint here

This Host Payout value is calculated at the point of booking. There are 2 things that can happen post-booking that would change the payout value:

  • A Listings first check-in will trigger the Plum Host Onboarding Fee which will automatically be deducted from that payout. The Host Onboarding fee is part of the standard agreement between Plum Guide and a Property Manager.
  • If a cancellation fee is due to Plum Guide from a Property Manager, the Property Manager can choose to have this deducted from their next payout. Cancellation Fees are part of the standard agreement between Plum Guide and a Property Manager.

Can I be notified booking activity changes

Yes - these can be found in the booking activities endpoint here

The description of the activities are as follows:

  • Requested - Booking has been paid for (Instant Book is turned off) and the host is yet to accept or decline.
  • Declined - When a booking has been declined by the host.
  • Approved - When a booking has paid and a request has been accepted by a host.
  • InstantBooked - When a booking is made via Instant book
  • Cancelled - When a booking has been cancelled