How are calendars blocked?

  • If a listing has been set as 'Instant Book' then once a successful payment is made and the Booking Status is changed to 'Confirmed' then calendars will be automatically blocked.
  • If a listing is not set to Instant Book then the status of the booking will be in "Request" (and therefore no blocking will be in place) until the property manager has clicked ‘Confirm Booking’ in the email that is automatically sent to them when a booking status moves into ‘Request’.
  • When a Property Manager or Host has blocked out dates via the Plum Host dashboard (extranet) calendar.

Example calendar from the Host Dashboard (extranet)

  • When a Property Manager or Host has synced their ICAL through the Plum Host dashboard (extranet)
  • When a Property Management System or Channel Manager blocks out dates via an API request

Endpoints to set other Availability restrictions (Minimum Nights, Restricted Booking Windows, Change Over Days etc) are available here

How are blocked dates represented on the API

  • Booking - Represents a booking on the plum guide platform, whether its been created via an Instant Book or Request bases it's always marked as a Booking.
  • Local - Represents a block created by a host on the Plum Guide platform through the Plum Host dashboard (extranet) calendar or through the API block date endpoints,
  • External - Represents a block created on an external platform by syncing with a ICAL


Please define the date range you would like to block. For example, to block '01/03/2025 - 15/03/2025', you would use the format below.

    "from": "2025-03-01",
    "to": "2025-03-15"