List of endpoints we support and when we introduced them

Current functionality

Below is an overview of the functionality we currently support and when it was introduced.

Release DatePricingAvailabilityBookingsListing
Version 1 (20th September 2019)Custom Nightly Price - Get/set prices for individual nights of the year
Length of Stay % Discounts - Get/set % discounts on a whole stay, depending on its total length
Block dates - Block availability from the calendar
Release dates - Open up availability from the calendar
List of bookings by Listing ID - Get a list of all bookings made for a particular property
View individual booking - Get an individual booking by its booking code
List a property manager’s listings - Get a list of all listings which a property manager has on Plum Guide
Version 2 (4th October 2019)Minimum night stays - Set the minimum length a stay has to be (3 days)Proxy email - Include guest proxy email address in bookings endpoint (1 day)
Booking Price - Include a breakdown of cost in bookings endpoint (1 day)
Version 3 (11th October 2019)Length of Stay Pricing - Get/set average nightly price, depending on the length of a stay (3 days)List of bookings by property manager - Get a list of all bookings for all listings which a property manager has on Plum Guide (4 days)
Version 4 (19th October 2019)Additional Guest Pricing - Modify the price of a stay based on the number of guests (3 days)Booking changes - List all bookings which have changed since a certain date (2 days)

Upcoming features

Release DatePricingAvailabilityBookingsListing
Version 5 (TBC)Webhooks - Webhook endpoints to subscribe for booking events

Feedback your ideas

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Other changes we have made

Do also review the release notes for further updates.