Due to limitations on the API to create Listings and booking, we have offered up endpoints to create test data for these two entities. When you first being to integrate with the Plum Guide API you will first need to begin by creating your own test Listing. In order to call each and every endpoint and have data returned, you can also create test bookings.

Environments that allow test data

Creation of test data is ONLY available to you on the Sandbox Environment. Please also note we hold the right to modify or remove your test data at any point in time.

Creating your own listing

When you first begin to integrate with the Plum Guide API your account will have no listings associated to it. The first step will be to use the Listing test data endpoint to create a new one. Endpoint is found here

The endpoint requires two pieces of information, the Listing name which can be anything of your choosing and the city it belongs to. To see a list of valid cities simply navigate to the Plum Guide website www.plumguide.com and see whats on offer in the search menu.

Do note that the city chosen will determine the base currency of that listing, so for example, if the Listing is from London its currency will be in GBP (£). Any subsequent pricing requests made via the API should be in the base currency.

  "listingName": "London Calling",
  "city": "London"

In total, we allow you to create five test listings. Each test Listing will be fully curated as though it was done by one of our Curators.


Example test listing created on the platform

Creating your own bookings

In addition to creating test Listings you can also follow on from there and create test bookings against your Listing by using the test bookings endpoint here

We allow you to create test bookings in every status available

  • Requested
  • Confirmed
  • Cancelled
  • Declined

Do note the act of reaching an end state of a booking such as Cancelled will create activity to mimic the states it needs to transition through to reach that state, eg. Requested > Confirmed > Cancelled.

Pricing for bookings will be modelled accurately in accordance with the pricing information we have for that test listings.