How does pricing work on the Plum Guide

The Plum API deals with pricing in the following ways:

  • Nightly price - you can set a standard nightly price for your property
  • Weekend price - you can set a special price for Friday & Saturday nights. If this is set, it will overwrite the nightly price on these nights.
  • Custom nightly price - This is optional but you can set a special price for any night. This is how you should manage seasonal pricing. Custom nightly prices will overwrite nightly and weekend prices.

When a guest makes a search with dates Plum will add up the total of nightly / weekend / custom nightly prices to give the Total Nights Price

  • Length of Stay discount - LOS discounts can be entered as a % discount. If a guest search with dates triggers a LOS discount, this discount will be applied to each nightly rate before adding together to calculate the Total Nights Price.

When updating prices via the API what currency should I use

Every Listing has a base currency that's determined by its geographical location. So for example, if the location was London its currency would be GBP (£). You can determine the currency of the listing by the listings endpoint here

The response returned will look something like this:

  "name":"Croissants Galore",
  "neighbourhoodName":"Arc de Triomphe - Champs-Élysées",

The property we are interested in is currencyCode, the code itself is represented as ISO 4217 format. For the example given, every pricing update made should be in the Euro currency.

What is Length of Stay (LOS) Pricing Discounts

You can retrieve or set LOS Discount & Pricing on the 'Listing' endpoint

  • You have the ability to set a nightly rate depending on the length of a stay and number of guests.
  • You set can set multiple LOS % discounts.e.g. for 7 nights, 14 nights, and for 30 nights.
  • You have the ability to retrieve the LOS discount % that was applied per booking.

Can I set a base nightly price via the API?

No, Base nightly price (which we show to guest on searches when there are no *Custom Nightly Prices) must be set in the Plum Host dashboard (extranet). It cannot be set through the API. The Host Onboarding process requires every Listing to have a base nightly price before being published on the platform.

What pricing should I send via the API?

We need the "Rack-Rate" to be sent, this means the final nightly price displayed to Guests. The Service Fee you have agreed with Plum Guide will be then deducted from this amount to calculate your payout.

How is pricing calculated with custom pricing applied?

  • Custom prices can be set per night and this is optional.
  • If there is a 9 night stay and 4 of those nights have custom prices, those are used and for the remaining 5, the default night price is used.
  • If a week LOS discount at 10% is then set, all of those nights are discounted at 10% each.
  • If a LOS price is set for 9 nights, then each night uses this value set except for any custom nights defined.
  • And additionally, LOS discount can be then additionally applied on top of the LOS price.

How do I charge extra fees like cleaning services?

  • Cleaning Fees are set in the Plum Host dashboard outside of the API. Any Listings already live with Plum will already have cleaning fee set. Any new Listings your property manager is adding to Plum will have cleaning fee set during our normal Host Onboarding process.
  • Currently, there are no other fee types that can be set for a listing. If you have any questions, please get in touch by email or your dedicated Slack channel.

Do you ensure that prices remain competitive?

Yes, we have a 'Price Parity' system in place vs other major platforms, unless local regulations prevent this.