How we create our homes

How listings are created on the Plum Guide

As we are selective of the homes we add on to the platform. Plum Guide creates and curates the content for each and every home we add. This content encompasses the following:

  • All textual content
  • All photography of the home
  • Location information

How listings are updated

Any changes to the content are managed through our internal team of Curators . Due to this, the API endpoints at hand do not allow the creation or modification of a Listings (unless its for test purposes in our Sandbox Environment).

Lifecycle of Listing(s)

Every listing goes through the following cycle before it is published on the Plum Guide.

  1. We create a Listing that we think are potential candidates for our platform.
  2. We schedule a Home Critic to test out the property (also known as the Plum Test) and analyse its result.
  3. If we believe it's up to the Plum standard, we schedule in a Photographer to take pictures of the property.
  4. A Curator then create the content for the listing.
  5. The listing undergoes a process known as Host Onboarding.
  6. The listing is published and is live on the Plum Guide platform (at this point its also ready to take bookings).

To read up more about Host Onboarding click here

The diagram below illustrates this process:


Does the API surface the status of the Listing

Yes, we surface the following statuses:

  • InReview - Indicates the Listing is undergoing Host Onboarding.
  • Published - Indicatest the Listing is live on the Plum Guide platform and can actively take bookings.
  • Delist - Indicates the Listing has been removed from the Plum Guide platform and will no longer be visible. Delisting properties can happen at any point in time if we feel the Listing no longer meets our standard.

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